Johnny Hallyday as chef-cum-hitman, out of his element and out for revenge in this latest from icon Johnny To. A typical triad vs. triad piece, there are nonetheless moments of startling beauty. A set piece where giant cubes of garbage are incessantly rolled towards the protagonists, Katamari-style, is an image not soon forgotten. Other than […]

Atom Egoyan Masterclass

Not a film, per se, but a Q&A scheduled during the press and industry screening schedule. Local boy Atom showed up and fielded questions from the author of a book about The Adjuster. Affable, energetic, as loquacious as ever, Atom spoke for about 45 minutes, where he was interrupted by a (superfluous) clip show. Pleasingly, […]

A Single Man

A touching, heartwarming film set in the halcyon days of 60s California. Colin Firth plays a closetted man who has recently lost his long term lover, and is desperately trying to mask his misery with the rigid routine he uses to maintain order. His best friend, played by Julianne Moore, is an equally damaged yet […]

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Disney of the mid-80s was in crisis, the glory of its past reduced to infighting and the defection or retirement of the core talent that shaped it from its earliest days. Into this environment came both an executive and creative shakeup, resulting, in part, in some of the most successful films (animated or not) of […]