Bitch Slap

Silly, jiggly, Bitch Slap is a Russ Meyer-wannabe girl gang flick. The plot (do you care?) somehow involves stollen look buried out in the desert. Three girls are on the hunt. Chaos ensues. Stylistically, the film relies heavily on green screen, comic book style flashbacks (think Speed Racer, but with TV-level CGI). Produced and directed […]

Leaves of Grass

Boy, this film on paper should have rocked my world. Tim Blake Nelson, stalwart performer from the Coens’ Oh Brother…, treads into their pool, making a genre defying thriller/comedy about twin brothers. You’ve got the usually exemplary Edward Norton playing both twins, one a knockabout weed dealer who woos the other sibling, an accomplished professor […]

Moloch Tropical

A broad resetting of Sokurov’s 1999 film Moloch, replacing Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest with a castle atop a mountain in contemporary Haiti. Trading fascist Europe for a neurotic, despostic leader on a Tropical island is a bold and interesting move. The scope of the film aims for the Shakespearean, with heightened dialogue and situations, an almost […]


Egoyan is back, this time with a film that many were surprised when it was not selected as the opening Gala, an honour that’s usually bestowed upon a Canadian film (Creation starting things off instead). Making no secret of its Toronto location, Chloe is a tale of doubt, recrimination, and humiliation. While the film doesn’t […]