Whip It

A film of infectious charm and unabashed fun, Barrymore’s Directorial debut is a supremely entertaining film.The film is pitch perfect, eschewing the Will Ferrel-style sport film to allow the inherent ridiculous of the sport of Rollerderby to shine through. But it is in the characters, completely real without the heightened “teen” dialogue that has proliferated […]

Harry Brown

Continuing along the lines of other geriatric revenge films like Gran Torino, Harry Brown is a step back from the renaissance of Michael Caine’s career. Overly earnest, this is little more than a thugs and drugs flick, complete with angry ex-Marine men looking to make a mark on the world. A trite female detective character […]

Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl

Well, gotta hand it to him – Manouel is a hundred years young, and still managing to make films. Does that alone make for a good festival experience? Alas, no. The idea was to actually see a remarkable pair of films, this latest work, and his first from from the silent era, shot some 80 […]

Capitalism: A Love Story

There’s a very telling scene towards the end of Moore’s latest screed: he’s photographed causing trouble again, wrapping crime scene tape around the buildings of Wall Street, yelling through a bright red megaphone about the injustice of the bailout. In a tired voice, he admits via voiceover that he’s getting tired of having to do […]