White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band)

Haneke’s films are usually quiet ruminations about character interactions followed by explosions of violence and terror. With White Ribbon, he has crafted an almost dreamlike tale, a throwback to an older, slower, more literary cinematic form. Shot in a stunning black and white palate, this is a poetic, elegiac film without the usual pretension or […]

The Road

How does one rate a film that’s terrifically produced, well shot and directed, with great acting, yet it all seems somehow… hollow? The Road, based on the celebrated novel by Cormack McCarthy, is a cerebral, haunting tale of post-apocalyptic misery. However, through no explicit fault of the film, it all seems so straight forward, so […]

Accident (Yi Ngoi)

A film that’s in desperate need of a (better) remake, Johnny To-produced Accident manages to completely ruin a terrific start. The opening sequence is downright delightful – a group stages murders for hire, making them seem random occurrences. These “McGyvers of murder” are set loose, with the victim subtly pushed towards his doom using normal […]

A Serious Man

Kabbalah, existential rabbinical analysis and quantum physics, with a Yidisshe theatre opening act – what’s not to love from this latest work of brilliance by the Coen boys? Broadly, this is a film about mystery, about whether there is or isn’t cause for suffering, injustice, bad luck. It’s a film resolutely free of answers yet […]