Jennifer’s Body

Riding the success of her Oscar turn with Juno and the recent bloodlust for all things vampiric, writer Diablo Cody turned her eye towards the 80s horror genre. Megan Fox is Jennifer, the curvy, bitchy pretty thing at her high school, with her best friend Amanda Seifreid. Things go awry when an out of town […]

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus

In the end, then, go see this as a modern triumph from Mr. Terry G, not merely in order to placate the posthumous fascination that one may feel for the departed Heath. This is the type of film that they simply don’t make often anymore, and if it was in Spanish and directed by some guy named Del Toro, it’d immediately jump to the top of any cineaste list.

City of Life and Death (Nanjing Nanjing)

Wildly exceeding my expectations, this Chinese produced film is an accessible, nuanced tale about the Japanese occupation of Nanjing just before the beginning of the Second World War. Shot in glorious black and white, the film has a sweeping, epic feel. Production design is impeccable, and the recreation of the action sequences is the equal […]

The Men Who Stare At Goats

A story too weird to not be true – in the 80s, the US army amassed a band of psychic warriors after the Vietnam debacle, harnessing the hippy ethic in order to hug the enemy into submission (before, if needed, slitting their throats). As part of their training of these so-called “Jedi”, goats were brought […]


The opening gala of this year’s fest, this film promised to be a sweeping love story about Darwin and his wife as he struggled to write his masterpiece. Instead, what we get is a pedestrian period drama, an overly long “I see dead people” flick where Darwin, tormented by the death of his daughter, is […]


Rachael Weisz as a hottie, end-of-Empire Philosopher/Astroner chick? What’s not to like? Set in Alexandria at a time of great historic tumolt, Amenábar’s film juggles lots of chaos. The rise of Christianity versus the “pagan”, previously dominant Roman religion, the divide between faith and science, heck even the stone throwing Jews show up for an […]


Lars von Trier’s latest is a film certain to divide audiences, some no doubt dismissing it as mere exploitational trash. Written during what he describes as a time of bleak despair, this film is a bleak, at times maddening and depressing onslaught. Yet, at its core, it’s a psychological thriller that owes much to Kubrick’s […]