Achilles and the Tortoise

This is, I think, the most successful of “Beat” Takeshi’s recent films regarding his life and his art. The final part of a planned trilogy (joining Glory to the Filmmaker and Takeshis), this flick playfully satirizes Kitano’s penchant for painting, tracing his development from childhood, through art school, to middle age. The title is explained […]


A zombie movie where we don’t really get to see the zombies, they’re all outside the radio station trying to get in. Clever, but almost too clever by half, McDonald does wonders in stretching his meagre budget and single location shoot into creating a moody, wacky tale of paranoia in small town Ontario. The intimate […]

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt follows the cases of a number of individuals who were wrongfully jailed for child molestation. Narrated by Executive Producer Sean Penn, this matter-of-fact doc tells of social workers coercing children to testify against their parents, prosecutors zealously trumping up charges and judges giving multi-century sentences to the convicted. While the story is certainly […]


First the good – Benicio is simply mesmerizing in his portrayal. Soderbergh crafts the film in an effective way, and the supporting characters provide convincing and memorable performances (helpful when trying to keep everyone straight in your head). The challenge, however, is that the first half of the flick (basically the first movie), telling the […]