Me and Orson Welles

Linklater tells the tale of a young kid Richard (Zac Efron) who finds himself under the wing of Orson Welles (Christian McKay) as he puts on his rendition of Julius Caesar. As Richard falls for Welles’s assistant (played by Claire Daines), he finds that he must share the affections of his girl with his new […]

Control Alt Delete

Man fucks computer through hole drilled on side of case. Man experiences pleasure, making him addicted to plooking every computer in his office as they prepare for Y2K. Canadian drivel, an embarrassment to our industry, and the type of crap that would never play this fest if it weren’t from the Great White North. Awful.

A Film With Me In It

Who would have thought that a dark Irish comedy with a fairly significant body count would be TIFF 2008’s purest example of farce? Unapologetically silly and fun, A Film With Me In It takes a story of accidents and turns it into a clockwork-like structure of bad news followed by worse. Continuously trumping the “can’t […]


There’s a key visual metaphor in Hunger, when Bobby Sands creates a circular work of art on his cell wall out of the only medium available to him, his own excrement. Making art out of shit is the goal of this film, one that it achieves quite dramatically. The film revels in its ambivalence, painting […]