The pre-film buzz was audible, this was the first film in French cinema history given the equivalent of an X-rating due to violent imagery instead of sexual content. At the MM screening someone had to leave to vomit. There were stories that at the other screenings some may have passed out. What kind of monstrous […]

Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary

In this tremendous, joyous look at the Teen Eurovision contest, we follow a number of young individuals as they represent their countries in the music competition. American Idol this ain’t, as each child feels the weight of their country on their shoulders. Some rise to the occasion, others falter, and the usual foibles ensue. I […]

The Ghost

This is one of those “twist” movies, as a novelist hires a hitman to do some research for his books, only to find himself embroiled in the assassin’s own plans for revenge. It’s stylish and an interesting genre flick from Russia, but this type of plot has been mined far too often in American cinema […]


Oh what a wasted opportunity. The idea is great, follow the Dakar rally as it traverses 7915km of the desert. We get a tremendously exciting opening sequence, seeing the cars bounce along the tracks, exotic locales sweeping by, and an opportunity to view this race from the inside. Instead, the director focuses on the aftermath […]

Every Little Step

An impeccable documentary, truly engaging and, in many ways, it supersedes its subject matter convincingly. The original Chorus Line was a documentary of sorts itself, drawn from recording that the original creators made of struggling New York actors as they attended audition after audition. Their own life stories energized the original production, with each part […]