Charming and unique coming-of-age movie about young sexuality in Uruguay. Rafa, 13, has lost his virginity already at the local brothel, but spends the film trying to get his first kiss. The subject of young sexuality is treated with great dexterity, never feeling forced or diluted, but neither is it exploited. The sense of awkwardness […]


Bill Maher and Larry Charles take on organized religion, with a worldwide tour confronting those that cling to faith with a certitude that Bill finds more than suspect. Meeting with Jesus at a Bible-themed theme park, he quizzes him about the role of God in suffering. Talking with truckers in a trailer church, he asks […]

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin Smith takes on porn, what’s not to like? Sure, there’s many an obvious joke, and there’s plenty of gross out humour (involving anal leakage, no less), but at its heart this is as close as he’s gotten since to the underlying sweetness of Chasing Amy. The chemistry between Rogan and Banks is quite natural, […]

Who Do You Love?

A missed opportunity to tell the Chess record story, even the musical re-performances suffer from a sense of blandness. There’s much to mine here in the story of the brothers Chess, with their relationship with artists and business and their musical drive laying the foundation for almost all electric blues. However, this overly conventional bio-pic […]