Pride and Glory

A terrible, rambling, derivative cop show, with two brothers forced to confront corruption in the police force. With their police chief/daddy Jon Voight in charge of the force, we’re left with enough procedural drivel to make it boring, yet the most ridiculous, over-the-top police procedural that’s downright embarrassing in light of The Wire. Frankly, you […]

The Other Man

Liam Neeson flies to a foreign land to track down the lover of his wife, Antonio Banderas. The two meet over a chess board, and the film attempts to create tension through this back-and-forth competition between the two. This is a trite and boring love story, attempting complexity but instead coming off as ridiculous. The […]

The Wrestler

As The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke puts in his finest performance in his long and (at times) illustrious career. What’s perhaps more remarkable is that Aronofsky has crafted what it at its heart a feel good film, one owing much to the original Rocky (not, naturally, the repulsive sequels) as we follow the descent of a […]

Synecdoche, New York

“Si-nik-do-kee”, synecdoche, a metaphor where the whole stands in place for the part, or vice versa. A nerdy, writerly title, to be sure, perfect for this multifaceted, ridiculous and surreal film from the unique mind of Charlie Kaufman. Finally given his own film to tackle (after his celebrated scripts like Adaptation and Being John Malkovich, […]