Not Quite Hollywood

An exemplary documentary, frantic and kinetic, showing the cars, bombs and tits of “Ozploitation” cinema. Tracing the history of Australian Drive-in Classics, we see clips from a number of films, many of which I’d never heard of (let alone seen). This is an excellent primer of this period of cinematic history, and the participants tell […]


Yet another World War II film, but this one has a twist – we see, quite effectively, the small decisions that when taken together result in the corruption of the soul. Ever reliable Viggo Mortensen puts on another masterclass, as he provides a nuanced, subtle look at a man who’s “good”, yet drawn deeper and […]

Three Blind Mice

Three Australian navy boys are on leave before shipping off to the Gulf. One of them decides to go AWOL, while his two friends spend the evening looking for him, and try to come to terms with the violence inflicted upon the seaman by superior officers. Heavy handed and dull, there’s a film in here […]


It wasn’t ’till the end that I realized that Meirelles’s film was written by TIFF fav Don McKellar (based, of course, on the celebrated book). Triggered simply by McKellar’s involvement as a cast member I was tweaking on the similarities between this narrative and his (fantastic) Last Night. Blindness is similarly apocalyptic (with, of course, […]