Detroit Metal City

A mashup of jaunty J-pop and Death Metal drivel, what’s not to love? Based on the celebrated Manga, this is a pitch perfect film that certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously. The music is well made and produced, the situations a mix of hilarious and charming, and the performances almost uniformly excellent. It’s the tale […]

It Might Get Loud

The conceit is music to the ears of any music nerd – get Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Edge onto an intimate stage, have them bring their gear, and have them talk about their love of the guitar for a couple of hours. Film the results, and you have a hell of a doc. […]

Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World

The setup is a good one – exploring the radical changes that Chinese culture has undergone in this latest period of growth, through the experiences of those at the 5,000+ seat restaurant in a provincial town. Visions of epic kitchens, factory-like conditions and massive rooms soon give way to the fact that we’re about to […]

The Good, the Bad and the Weird

Spaghetti westerns are a fine indication of the incestuous nature of the history of cinema. The archetypical American Western is retold with samurai in Japan, while the Italians took the Japanese stylistic inventiveness, added their own flavor, set out to Spain and shot their own version of the Western mythos. Leone’s epic is reclaimed by […]

Burn After Reading

During last year’s No Country for Old Men press conference, there were no more than a few dozen of us attending. The brothers seemed low key and disinterested, and the film left the fest with hardly more than a blip of buzz from major critics (save, naturally, this trusted critic). Going on to win Best […]