Last time he was in town, Director Prachya Pinkaew brought the Uptown to ecstasy with Ong Bak. Many (myself included) were ignorant of the Thai school of martial arts, a mix of kicking, elbowing and punching that looked far from the swooping wire-work fight choreography that Hong Kong cinema had been exporting for decades. Quite […]

Patrik, Age 1.5

A gay adoption story set in Sweden, hardly the stuff of normal romantic comedies. Still, this quirky little film, has a comma causing a clerical error (much, it seems, like in Brazil), resulting in the couple adopting a 15 year old delinquent instead of an 18-month old. Certainly this could have been a cloying, saccharine […]

More Than A Game

If you’re going to follow a bunch of inner city kids as they attend a “white” school, and going to follow them for several years, make sure one of them is Lebron James. Set in Akron, Ohio, we see this group of kids grow and bond as they achieve success and suffer failure. Sure, it’s […]

At the Edge of the World

Last seen in Sharkwater, this time the crew of the pirate ship “Sea Shepherd” are trolling through Antarctica, looking to disrupt the Japanese whaling fleet. Using tactics at best described as hostile, they are striving to end the whaling in these international waters, using any means at their disposal (including the infamous “can opener” welded […]

Fear Me Not

Fear Me Not ties a mid-life crisis to an addiction to psychotropic medications. As Mikael, bored with his day-to-day routine decides to become a medical guinea pig, he explores his new found passions in ways that are not entirely appropriate. The film is starkly shot, with Ulrich Thomsen’s Mikael a “Jekyl and Hyde” menace throughout. […]