This is Dog Day Afternoon meets Double Dragon, a postmodern pastiche that trascends its genre ghetto and provides a compelling, often astonishing viewing experience. Self-reflexive without being trite, beautifully shot and staged, this is a triumphant film, transcending all expectation. The conceit, that the “real” Jean-Claude is caught up in a bank caper and is […]


Period horror set in the Finnish outlands? Sign me up! Heck, period and horror/suspense can work wonders (Le Pacte des Loups comes to mind). Sadly, Sauna is nothing but a cold shower, a murky, moist tale that feels like a truly bad X Files episode (complete with black oil!). Think of the Seventh Seal meets […]

Examined Life

A “talking (while walking) head” doc where the filmmaker lets a number of pop and academic philosophers pontificate about life, the universe and everything while they row, promenade, ride in the back of cars, or simply meander around in circles. Loads of name dropping, from Plato to Deleuze, makes this feel far more like a […]


The pitch is a simple one, “Paul Gross puts the Passion in Passchendaele!” Rather than drawing from cinematic masterpieces like Paths of Glory, Gross instead turns to Pearl Harbour for his tale of love, loss and war. The Great War is little more than a backdrop for a silly story. Cliches rain like artillery, as […]


Guy Ritchie is back, sorta. After the gangbuster success of the Gangster flicks Snatch and Lock, Stock…, he missed critically and financially with the esoteric Revolver. With this film, he still is up to his usual visual tricks and colourful cast of denizens from the London criminal underground. This time a Russian billionaire footie-team owner […]