A surreal, unique monster film, a Man Bites Hulk mockumentary about a hapless individual who is called upon by his nation to be electrocuted on a regular basis. This process causes him to become a giant, fated to fight the enormous monsters that plague Japan, following in the giant footsteps of his father and grandfather. […]


A Canadian stoner caper flick, complete with Satanists, drive-in cinemas, and a lot of weed. In fact, weed is no doubt the motivating factor for not only the protagonists but for the writer himself (whose notable credit prior to this was production assistant on Bride of Chucky). It’s all completely over the top, with fairly […]

Son of Rambow

Like Millions from a couple years back, Son of Rambow is a cute, precocious film about a couple kids that want to remake First Blood with their clunky VHS camera. This is surrounding a tale of the class bully becoming friends with one of his victims, stories of childhood neglect, all wrapped up in a […]

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Quite simply, this shooting-from-the hip digital doc is one of the best looks at the current conflict in Iraq that’s been made. The story begins with the boys from Vice magazine wishing to document the Metal scene in Iraq, as a series of Western-leaning locals were trying to put on a Metal show after the […]