Flash Point

Donnie Yen’s latest film incorporates his newest fighting fetish, the so-called “Ultimate” style. A combination of boxing, kickboxing, Asian martial arts and street-level shit-kickings, this makes for some tremendous fighting moments. Choreographed by Yen himself, the fight scenes are brutal, kinetic and compelling, upping the ante from his previous films and creating some genuine remarkable […]

Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case

With the end of the cold war, spy-on-spy intrigue has taken a back burner in our popular consciousness. When a former KGB officer was found in a London hospital, dying from what turned out to be poisoning due to Polonium exposure, the international media went into a tizzy covering the event. I had assumed that […]

Lars and the Real Girl

A feel good, quirky-as-hell, high-concept comedy offering at this year’s fest, one that’s sure to please a wide audience. The conceit is simple while unique – a compulsively shy man, Lars, presents his mail order sex doll (the ironically dubbed titular “real” girl) as his girlfriend to his brother, sister-in-law, and small community of friends […]

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Wayne Wang returns with this quiet, slow paced tale of a Chinese man who moves to the West to live with his daughter. As he adjusts to life in North America, struggling with his English, he befriends a local woman, and they meet daily on a park bench to discuss their families in their broken […]