Sukiyaki Western Django

SWD is a deliriously bent, un-apologetically incoherent blast of a film. This is the disfigured lovechild of Leone’s Western shtick and hyper-gory Hong Kong action tropes, with dialogue performed by some diabolical Berlitz “Lern to Speek Inglish” language tape. For casual viewers, the obvious connection would be to the filmmaker who shows up first on […]


John Sayles sets his latest film in a sticky, sunburnt Alabama of 1950. “Pine Top” Purvis (Danny Glover) runs a dilapidate juke joint called the Honeydripper, eeking by with performances by authentic Blues artists. As the neighboring bar uses its recorded songs to drive traffic through its doors and away from the HD, Purvis presents […]

Death Defying Acts

After last year’s back-to-back magical romps and the continuing slew of biopics, it must have been inevitable that someone greenlit a picture about Harry Houdini. While Gillian Armstrong wouldn’t necessarily be the director that you first thought of to do such an endeavor, it’s less surprising when the story proves to be one of complicated […]

I’m Not There

There are a couple of things that need to be in place in order for you to enjoy Hayne’s pic about the spirit and music of Bob Dylan. First of all, you have to like Dylan. I’m not sure those that can’t stomach what they feel to be a nasally voice and aggressive manner will […]