Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Kapur has done a tremendous thing with The Golden Age – he created a sequel that’s a worthy successor to his much beloved earlier work about the virgin queen, one that may even be the better of the two films. Of course, the continuation is helped tremendously by the two main returning performers, namely the […]

Erik Nietzche The Early Years

Lars von Trier was a precocious film student? Who knew? This loosely autobiographical tale, written and narrated by Lars himself, is certainly the most lighthearted of the films he’s been associated with. That’s not to say, of course, that this film is free from a certain sardonic edge that we’ve all come to know and […]

Across the Universe

A psychedelic, bubble-gum scented love poem to the Beatles’ oeuvres by visionary director Taymor. Giant marionettes cavort in fields, while businessmen clatter in unison using their briefcases as percussion instruments. Strawberries become fine art, and a loose tale of love, loss, and redemption is told with a great deal of fun and frolicking. In short, […]

In The Valley of Elah

Another film about the current Iraq conflict, this one based on a true story of a father, ex Military MP, who sets out to investigate the circumstances surround his son’s status as AWOL. Through this crime thriller motif we are introduced to many compelling themes regarding the military code of ethics and brotherhood, the changing […]


Redacted is DePalma’s oblique take on the Iraq war, fictionalizing the events surrounding the rape of a 15 year old girl by a group of American Marines. The film takes a fairly unique stylistic direction, using shaky handicam “diary” footage mixed with news reports, a French documentary, security cam and YouTube clips to provide multiple […]