The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

First thing you need to know going in, this is not some fast paced shoot-em-up. The euphemism “deliberately paced” may be used, as this film is epic while remaining entirely intimate. Eschewing the usual grand scope, this is a character piece through and through, examining in great detail the many facets of the “real” Jesse […]

They Wait

Broadly, this is a tale of ghosts, ghouls and bone collectors, set in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The film begins with three men hunting for bear somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, when suddenly the spooky black smoke out of Lost claims its first victim. Cut to Singapore (or was it Shanghai? No matter, it’s clearly just an […]


Juno presents many a cliché – a tale of unplanned teen pregnancy and the choices it brings forth, the awkwardness of fitting in and falling in love, the dynamics of young and older relationships – all a bit of a mess in less sure hands. It may not be perfect, but it’s a hell of […]

No Country For Old Men

The best kind of festival film, the one that many hours and many films later you’re still thinking about, finding new things to love about it. This is a film that pulls no punches – it’s brutal, violent and at times perverse. It is almost sadistic in how it removes all sense of catharsis from […]