À l’intérieur

A stylish and gory film, with some very effective moments of horror, A L’intérieur creeps inside your brains and stays with you for days. The woman-attacked-in-a-home trope is elevated here with a pregnant protagonist, chased by a female assailant intent on causing as much ruckuss as possible. For those averse to sheer bloodsport, this certainly […]


Not your everyday documentary about a family of Mexican/American Jewish surfing prodigies, their Stanford Educated doctor father who gives up his practice to raise his family on the beach in a used campervan. Yet another doc at this years fest that goes well beyond the expected scope, remaining compelling throughout its running time once the […]

Nothing is Private

Alan Ball had made a career out of lifting the covers on suburban normalcy to find a far more dark, more menacing core that’s hidden by the façade of manicured lawns and wide streets. This film takes him down a starker path than even his celebrated American Beauty, as a tale of Lolita-like lust, xenophobia, […]

Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who

This rock-doc presupposes one thing right off the bat, that you’ve seen the previous definitive Who documentary, The Kids are Alright, so you have a general familiarity with the band and their antics. From this point it carves out its space as one of the more effective music documentaries in some time, a fine tale […]