Trapped Ashes

A horrible mess of horror movie cliches, set in one of those “old skool” anthology flicks of yore. Saving grace – Ken Russell’s introduction of cannibalistic breasts.

Rescue Dawn

There’s not much that Christian Bale won’t do to himself for a movie role (see The Machinist if you need further evidence), yet it continues to be quite astonishing the depths he’s willing to go for a role. This is a film based on one of Herzog’s own documentaries, and the more rediculous and over-the-top […]

…So Goes the Nation

More Bush, yay! This straight-ahead doc focuses on the “battleground” state of Ohio during the 2004 election. The usual suspects are trotted out, but the film gains tremendously by being supremely crafted and extremely well researched. The star of the show is Paul Bagala, who in no uncertain terms points out the foibles of his […]

Copying Beethoven

A horrid mess of a film, only the music elevates it from being a total dud. Lousy performances, boring direction, this one is best left forgotten.


Sitting in the Paramount theatre as a 70 foot penis fades up on the screen. A man urinates in a bathtub, and a few scenes later he bends over to suck his own cock. That said, this is one of the sweetest, most genuine films of this (or any year’s) fest. The performances are rock […]


A History Channel documentary from the future, where one George Herbert Walker Bush is assasinated in Chicago. Mixing interview footage with recreations and CGI manipulation, this “what if?” scenario plays out effectively and compellingly. If there’s one gripe it’s that the recreation of the news clips lack a certain slickness and panic that besets the […]