The Abandoned

A weird and wicked tale further emphasizing that you can never go home again, especially if you never lived at home in the first place. Convoluted, yes, but this monster house/ghost story/family redemption film has it all, including some creepy makeup and loud, scary music. It’s not the best MM this year, but it did […]


Oooh! Black and white CGI about a near-future Paris! While we’ve seen this schtick before (not that Blade Runner can’t be referenced, but cummon!), this rotoscoped flick does present the comic book world with a delightful starkness. I would rather have had Rodriguez shoot Sin City like this – abandoning greys, this is literally a […]

The Half Life of Timofey Berezin

My film fest mantra continues – if a film does something that I’ve never seen before, it automatically gets bonus marks. In this film, someone snorts Plutonium like it was cocaine. Now, that’s a major spoiler, but it’s also the part of the film that will be remembered long after this competent if middle-of-the-road flick […]

The Fountain

A beautiful mess of a movie, mixing time travel, conquistadors and metaphysics to look at the nature of life, love and death. Heady stuff, it’s a tale told in three time periods – 1500, 2000, and 2500 A.D. Aronofsy’s ambition is to tie the past and future together with a tale of medical ambition that […]