Black Sheep

According to official government statistics, the ratio of sheep to humans in New Zealand is a whopping 15:1. With almost 59 MILLION sheep, you can imagine that the nightmare of any Kiwi would be the horrific situation of the sheep going, um, baaaad. Black Sheep takes the zombie sheep schtick and runs with it. The […]

For Your Consideration

God bless Mr. Guest and team, even in films that don’t live up to their potential (such as this one) they remain a load of good, clean fun. This time the troupe gather to tell the tale of “Coming Home for Purim”, a flick that inadvertently becomes the subject of Oscar buzz. If the film […]

Lake of Fire

Back to back black and white films, this one miles away from Bunny Chow reviewed earlier. Quite simply, this is the most impressive, most honest and most brutal account of the abortion issue I have ever seen. With breathtaking scope and access (shot over a 14 year period) Kaye has crafted a film that could […]

Bunny Chow

Heavily indebted to such slacker flicks as, well, Slacker and Dazed and Confused, the one line Hollywood pitch for this flick would certainly be “A South African Clerks with comedians instead of cashiers.” The title refers to a local delicacy that involves the mash-up of a bunch of produce with some bread, a metaphor for […]


Penelope is a sweet lollipop of a film, a fable told with charm and whimsy. It does get overly saccharine as it goes on, losing its shape and novelty as it clambers towards its (supremely unsurprising, and in many ways disappointing) conclusion. Christina Ricci plays a girl cursed with an affliction brought about by the […]