All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

A silly, generic teen slasher/stalker move with a twist! It should be noted that the film doesn’t necessarily require the commitment to stay to the end to get any joy out of it that you’re going to get, but there is a cute, if nonsensical and completely unmotivated hiccup to the proceedings that at least […]

All The King’s Men

A “shouty” film about political corruption in Louisiana, as so called “hick” Willie Stark rises to the roll of Governor despite serious political opposition. This is a potluck of political intrigue, family secrets and a noir-style whodunnit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t all fit together, and the translation from its literary roots seems to have left the […]

Catch a Fire

A fairly mediocre, if well acted tale of the political conversion of an ANC guerilla fighter in South Africa. After being arrested wrongfully for an explosion at the refinery he works at, the protagonists embraces the ANC cause, and gets caught up in a cat-and-mouse game with the security officials. Tim Robbins isn’t exactly spectacular, […]


A disappointing effort from my fest-fav Ki-Duk. The film centers around issues of self and self confidence, fueled by an interest in body modification through plastic surgery. The topic is certainly ripe for Ki-Duk’s masterful examination of the dark parts of the human psyche, but, despite its promise, the film feels quite tame, no more […]