The Host

What more could you want? Giant Alien-like mutant tadpole running through the streets of Seoul causing havoc, mowing down pedestrians, vomiting bones and escaping Tarzan-style under the nearest bridge? It should add up to MM gold! Unfortunately, the film is bogged down with SARS metaphors, pointless exposition, and an annoying main character. Sure, the quirky […]

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

A slightly misleading title – rather than simply focusing on Lennon’s fight with the Immigration service over the early part of the 70s, this film presents a polished, authorized look at the peace movement in general, Yoko and John’s involvement with the radical elements of the era, situated during the death of “flower power”. Authorization […]

Brand Upon the Brain!

A unique, surreal TIFF experience – Guy Maddin, iconoclastic Canadian filmmaker, has created a live cinematic performance. His 1920s style silent film was presented with a live orchestra, three-piece Foley artist group, live narration, and faux Castrato singer to interject some vocalizations to the proceedings. The film is a bizarre mess of monster movie, teen […]

Stranger Than Fiction

A literate, literary film with a Hollywood high-concept hitch: a man starts hearing voices, then realizes it’s actually the narration of his own life, whereupon he learns about his impending death. Often cute premises like these (think Click from this year) end up become trite extremely quickly. To this film’s credit, the conceit never wears […]

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

There is little that is subtle about the Borat film – it’s a “make sex on your face” kind of experience, an onslaught of Jew, Gay, “foreign”, Baptist and Texan jokes. It’s also very, very funny. The film, part road movie, part SNL-style skit fest, holds together as a narrative quite well. Borat travels across […]