In the (genius) Coen Brother’s film THE BIG LEBOWSKI, Julianne Moore’s character Maude is an avant garde artist who describes her painting as “strongly vaginal.” Until THE ISLE, I thought that was simply a funny joke upon the traditionally phalocentric world of art. Nay, for few films are as vaginal as the Thai film THE […]

Goddess of ’67

I get the sense that if this film really clicks with you, it is something that you’d really love and hold dear. I, on the other hand, just couldn’t get into the film. The Goddess refers to a particular model of Citroen, leading a Japanese man into the wilds of Australia. I was reminded of […]

George Washington

David Gordon Green, the young director of George Washington, has done a truly remarkable thing — he has created a film of rare beauty and power that never for a second lets on the fact that its an independent film made for an extremely low budget. The film plays like the work of a mature […]

Tell Me Something

A good example of a film that would have been far better during the day – it was just too complicated and too wordy to keep me awake at 2am. A stylish serial killer film, there nonetheless was too much talk and not enough madness.


A vital, stylish Yakuza pic, Kitano crafts a new world/old world, brother against brother epic battle straddling both sides of the Pacific. Some excellent action sequences and strong performances lead to a truly interesting retake on the genre. Mafia vs. Yakuza warmly reminded of Simpsons episode without detracting from the power of the film.

101 Reykjavik

101 Reykjavik is a slacker tale from the capital of Iceland. Hlynur, the 30 year old living with his mother, doesn’t do much other than live off the dole, watch porn on Satellite and get drunk in his local pub. His is the classic case of a total lack of ambition. Hlynur hates rural Iceland, […]


Chopper explores the charismatic side of the brutal criminal, the strange fascination that many (especially filmgoers) feel for the interesting bad-guy. So often, the exaggerated, over-the-top character of criminals provide the impetus for dramatic tales. In this film, the tale is twisted, as the real life Mark “Chopper” Read’s tale is heightened and exaggerated to […]

In God We Trust

A short 16 minute film that played before Chopper, In God We Trust takes as its basis a simple conceit – while we are here on Earth, our actions are given a score – positive things create positive marks, while negative or evil things subtract from your total. Within seconds of the film’s start, a […]

Diary – Day 3

I’m getting sleepy. It’s not even halfway there yet. Got…to…pace…myself…. This morning started really well – woke up with 3 hours sleep to go meet the cast of Best in Show. I’m a humungous Spinal Tap fan, and managed to dig up my Tap concert shirt from the early 90s when they played north of […]

Dairy – Day 2

I am going to get exhausted really, really quickly. It’s hovering somewhere around 3:15am, and I’m just getting back from 6 films. The day started at 7:30am, and hasn’t quit since then. In the end a lot of time is just spent sitting, but it still can take its toll. I’d like to see the […]

Diary – Day 1

My lord, it’s fest time again I couldn’t help but spend some time today thinking that, if I could swing it, I’d spend all my days like I did today. I woke up at about 10am, got on a subway, and watched a movie. Then I watched another… and another… and another…. well, you get […]