Black Sheep

According to official government statistics, the ratio of sheep to humans in New Zealand is a whopping 15:1. With almost 59 MILLION sheep, you can imagine that the nightmare of any Kiwi would be the horrific situation of the sheep going, um, baaaad. Black Sheep takes the zombie sheep schtick and runs with it. The […]

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

A silly, generic teen slasher/stalker move with a twist! It should be noted that the film doesn’t necessarily require the commitment to stay to the end to get any joy out of it that you’re going to get, but there is a cute, if nonsensical and completely unmotivated hiccup to the proceedings that at least […]

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

There is little that is subtle about the Borat film – it’s a “make sex on your face” kind of experience, an onslaught of Jew, Gay, “foreign”, Baptist and Texan jokes. It’s also very, very funny. The film, part road movie, part SNL-style skit fest, holds together as a narrative quite well. Borat travels across […]


It’s best described as a Maoist gay porn flick. Still interested? Impossible to grade by any common standard, RASPBERRY REICH just didn’t do it for me. It’s not sly enough to amuse, not sexy enough to be erotic, nor inquisitive enough to live up to its ambitions towards erudition. I have to hand it to […]

Tell Me Something

A good example of a film that would have been far better during the day – it was just too complicated and too wordy to keep me awake at 2am. A stylish serial killer film, there nonetheless was too much talk and not enough madness.

?? – A Chinese Ghost Story – The Tsui Hark Animation

In North America (and much of the world), the phrase “animated film with musical numbers” is likely to invoke images of Disney. But not everywhere; in Asia, home-grown animation is king, with especially the Japanese “anime” the recipient much of popular and critical acclaim. The Chinese (and those in Hong Kong) have also been carving […]