This review also appears on The arrival of any Attenborough narrated, epic BBC Natural History unit documentary is cause for celebration. The small elements are like Pavlovian cues for any fan of these films, leaving us drooling over the sans-serif font (Helvetica Narrow? Century Schoolbook Gothic?), the massive panorama shots, the endless pullback zooms, […]

WE BOUGHT A ZOO Blu-Ray Review

“It sounds like it’s the worst movie when you pitch it. I usually, say ‘It’s about a family that buys a zoo!’, and just when their eyes begin to glaze over, I say, ‘well, it’s a Cameron Crowe movie!’” – Matt Damon There are films, the recent release of Chinatown is brought immediate to mind, […]

THE MUPPETS Blu-Ray Review

The back story goes something like this – in 2008, Jason Segel finds commercial success with a quirky comedy he wrote and starred in called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The surprise hit offers the opportunity for Segel (who has now joined up with FSM’s director Nicholas Stoller) to a pitch meeting at the “House the Mouse […]


The Film Growing up on a slew of Bond flicks, and reading the Bourne books at a relatively young age, my introduction to the world of the British spy trope was one of car chases, kinetic action and exotic locales. The tone presented in this film, clearly derived from the  John le Carré’s source, seems […]