Silly, jiggly, Bitch Slap is a Russ Meyer-wannabe girl gang flick.

The plot (do you care?) somehow involves stollen look buried out in the desert. Three girls are on the hunt. Chaos ensues.

Stylistically, the film relies heavily on green screen, comic book style flashbacks (think Speed Racer, but with TV-level CGI). Produced and directed by guys that met on the set of Xena, expectations were not high, save for the promise of seeing curvy chicks kick the crap out of each other.

That they do, to be sure, and the film is notable for giving Zoe Bell her first credit as stunt co-ordinator. Yet, the film is a giant cop-out – while the violence is amped up to 10, the sexuality is almost chaste. Give Meyer credit, when he did tit and ass film he showed tis and asses!

In a bizarre, almost post-feminist way, the prudish lack of gratuitous nudity by the leads makes the violence seem even more obscene, as if the restraint on one factor makes the bloodbath all the more horrible.

Without the balls to make anything more ribald than an 80s TV show (there are hotter, sexier shots in shows that air on broadcast television), this is a true slap in the face to the type of degradation that this type of film demands. As MM fare it grew tiresome quickly, an unfortunate missed opportunity to delve deep into the genre and come up with something respecting the purveyors of filth that came before.