Set in the same festival as RABBIT HOLE, this “other” film about grieving parents takes a very different tact. This film sets itself apart by setting up an enormous twist – the tragedy that has taken the life of this child was done at the hands of their child. Coming to terms with their own felt complicity, this is another shattering, powerful drama.

Maria Bello (fabulous in Cronenberg’s A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) and Michael Sheen rip up the screen with their pain, but (like RABBIT HOLE) the more remarkable moments are between the bombast, those quiet moments where the two leads in very subtle ways convey so much wrenching emotion.

Ku’s direction is slightly less assured, and there are a few parts that feel more extended than required. Still, the originality of the tale’s perspective and its heartwrenching characters (and strong supporting cast) make up for any of these quibbles. BEAUTIFUL BOY is a beautifully executed film, touching, moving, remarkable.