Well, you certainly can’t fault Nicholas Cage for not going full out in this role.

Thankfully spared any connection to the former, abysmal Bad Lieutenant, Herzog traces the downfall of a good cop in antediluvian New Orleans. In the first moments of the film, we see Cage jump over a ledge into murky water. Causing injury and subsequent addition to painkillers, this explicit descent results in a mess of coke sniffing, gun shooting, hooker beating mayhem.

Cage is simply on full tilt throughout, a performance that verges on comical in its intensity. Yet, weirdly, it all seems to work, the story seems genuinely captivating. Plus, there’s some fabulous, trippy shots of giant lizards that make for wonderful Herzogian moments.

There’s a dark, dark humour throughout that keeps the film from plunging into over-the-top farce. In the end, BLT is a rambunctious, ridiculous feat of cinematic excess.

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