A women leaves work only to see a man bleeding to death in an alley way. As if in a trance, she approaches the blood, dipping her hands in the gore. The man is apparently the victim of the Bayonet Killer, a person that is serially hunting through the streets of Gothenberg. As bodies pile up in proximity to her, she must confront her own fears and sanity in order to overcome the violence which is now directed towards her.

Unfortunately, for the deft balance required to actually care when watching a clearly insane woman make bad decisions one after another is completely bereft from this film. We simply don’t care as Monia once again does something stupid, and the ending adds insult to further injury, where we see something so ridiculously telegraphed that it’s simply risible.

Still, there was barely enough interesting shots to keep BAD FAITH from being an utter failure, but not by much.