A silly, generic teen slasher/stalker move with a twist!

It should be noted that the film doesn’t necessarily require the commitment to stay to the end to get any joy out of it that you’re going to get, but there is a cute, if nonsensical and completely unmotivated hiccup to the proceedings that at least made the last chunk of the film partly surprising.

Plenty of young flesh abounds, although I had a hard time visualizing the cast as 17 years olds (I’m getting old it seems, as they’re actually all about 20). There were more than a few annoying lens flares, but otherwise the film looked pretty decent for a low budget indie. Young boob abounds for those looking for Porky’s-style titillation, and there are couple effective gruesome bits, but otherwise it’s just not worth sinking your teeth into. Mind you, with all the silliness, it did manage to keep me awake, so kudos for that!