Oh what a wasted opportunity. The idea is great, follow the Dakar rally as it traverses 7915km of the desert. We get a tremendously exciting opening sequence, seeing the cars bounce along the tracks, exotic locales sweeping by, and an opportunity to view this race from the inside. Instead, the director focuses on the aftermath of the race, lines in the sand left by the cars, trucks and bikes, and the stories from those in the path along the way.

However, instead of some insightful analysis, we get a pedantic, downright boring look at these areas, haphazardly jumping along the route, until the director shows he doesn’t know how to end the film, while we’re whisked away on a helicopter, following refugees in the ocean.

Even the striking visuals can’t save this mess, it’s a boring, misguided attempt at creating pathos, and instead comes across as a pretentious bore.