THE LAST GLADIATORS has the core of an excellent doc – well produced and shot exploration of hockey enforcers, it loses steam by end #tiff11

THE BOY WHO WAS A KING, a decent if not very compelling doc that following story a man who went from child King to PM of Bulgaria #TIFF11

PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE was a completely fun, quirky, bubblegum doc as charming and infectious as his songs. So glad it snuck into #tiff11

May not have had pace required for a closing @mmadnesstiff film, but KILL LIST’s take on UK occult horror was stylish, macabre fun #tiff11

ALBERT NOBBS bloodies the waters with Oscar chum, w Close churning out a decent performance sure to gain fans #tiff11

DOPPLEGANGER PAUL is a cerebral, dark comedy that almost wears out its welcome, but keeps its quirky charm intact through end #tiff11

Spurlock crafts a lovely film about community with COMICON doc – wisely keeps himself off screen, way better than I had expected #tiff11

DEATH OF A SUPERHERO – another in line of bittersweet films abt cancer, this one benefits from excellent cast incl Andy Serkis #tiff11

THE ORANGES is a delightful suburban comedy with terrific cast. The miserable pursuit of happiness told in fable fashion, smart fun #tiff11

TYRANNOSAUR is wrenching tale of rage & redemption, taking no easy way out. Lead roles are top notch, a dark, grey tale well told #tiff11

Michael Shannon’s slow boil in TAKE SHELTER makes film well worth seeing, somber take on madness and prophecy may not be for all #tiff11

JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME – quirky dry comedy about following clues to find your fate. Very well shot silly Porsche crash a highlight #tiff11

THE DAY – yet another post-apoc film, but smart, original and cool enough to be a lot of fun. Kudos for countering cliche #tiff11

HIMIZU beats a metaphor so badly it bleeds – manic ups and downs, screeching and meandering plot. A veritable Tsunami of silliness #tiff11

HELENO is a tale of Brazilian footie star ravaged by syphilis. Stark b&w photog is lovely, a bit too long and somber w/o much action #tiff11

Demme’s CAROLYN PARKER doc shows a microcosm of post-Katrina reconstruction – a feisty and brash subject provides a window into NOLA #tiff11

SUPERCLASSICO – THIS is type of witty, charming Danish film I’ve come to love over the years. So much charm, such infectious fun #tiff11

LOVELY MOLLY suffers from so many genre cliches (slow shuffling,refusing to turn on lights) that this turgid mess seems irredeemable #tiff11

GENERATION P – It’s MAD MEN meats FEAR AND LOATING IN POST-SOVIET RUSSIA – trippy, political, unique, a weird slice of world cinema #tiff11

UNDEFEATED is almost too good, events unfolding like from a script, but with the added genuine emotions you get from a doc. Fabulous #tiff11

KILLER JOE – As if David Lynch made CLUE – the film betrays its roots as a play towards end, but sets out with style #tiff11

MOTH DIARIES was flighty and trite, a young adolescent teen Gothic sloppy mess that felt unbearably long at under 90 min #tiff11

SLEEPNESS NIGHT takes anxiety & claustrophobic dread that you feel @ French nightclubs & carves out unique genre flick @mmadnesstiff #tiff11

Wow. Confusing, confounding, SNOWTOWN is one of most unique and disturbing true crime stories I’ve ever seen, twisting genre on head #tiff11

INTO THE ABYSS – a film about how “to live your dash” – another epic achievement by Herzog focussing on a death, life, and Texas #tiff11

Once nice thing about not following baseball is that MONEYBALL’s outcome was a genuine surprise – sure to be a hit, as it were #tiff11

THE INCIDENT broke MM streak – tedious, pointless, a mere sprinkling of dread over a plate of drivel, w/ an annoying ending to boot #tiff11

NEIL YOUNG JOURNEYS – an intimate concert film with side trips to Northern Ontario – 24/96khz sound at PoW was astoundingly good! #tiff11

HYSTERIA is one of those fun, breezy brit comedies that have a social message – women’s empowerment through personal massagers! #tiff11

SAMSARA is another glorious blend of stunning imagery and sound that surpasses BARAKA. 4K projection and sound makes for a must see #tiff11

LIVID is a film that by any reasonable measure I should hate, but for some reason this haunted house fable worked its charms on me #tiff11

PARADISE LOST director admits to mess of pt2, and I agree with him that pt3 is exceptional #tiff11

THE AWAKENING also squanders a terrific first two acts – pretty and somber to start, silly and gratuitous by end #tiff11

HEADHUNTERS starts with such vigor that its a real disappointment when it loses its way and becomes preposterous. Fun, but slight #tiff11

Stillman’s DAMSELS IN DISTRESS is a yummy bite of candy-sweet on outside, sour in middle. Much fun, complete w/ dance craze! #tiff11 #doufi

YOU’RE NEXT started a little shakily, but turned into a fab, femme-empowered @mmadnesstiff revenge thriller with many an axe wound #tiff11

DRIVE is a cool, slcik film, the bastard lovechild of MIAMI VICE and TAXI DRIVER. Refn hasn’t compromised a thing, its a master work #tiff11

ELLES is slightly too cerebral look at connection btwn everyday whoring of working mom & some prostitutes she’s writing article abt #TIFF11

DARK HORSE is an -almost- mainstream Solondz film, a pitch black comedy cousin to A SERIOUS MAN #TIFF11

“The kids are alright is fucking genius, this is just about us” – #PearlJam sum up their Cameron Crowe doc #TIFF11

@Bobcat_Gold’s GOD BLESS AMERICA may be the first @mmadnesstiff film that will result in director tried for sedition and/or treason

GOD BLESS AMERICA – mashup of a gazillion films, from BONNIE/CLYDE to TAXI DRIVER, NETWORK to JUNO. Literate, violent, quotable fun

THE HUNTER’s a somber slice of Tasmanian nature porn-Way too earnest and interminable, there’s moments of beauty, but doesn’t gel

Such -BEAUTIFUL- synergy to hold the marvelous screening of THE ARTIST at the historic Elgin

URBANIZED has moments of clarity and beauty, but it loses its path, telling many stories and none particularly well #TIFF11

ANONYMOUS takes Shakespearean conspiracy theory, mixes w/ a broken 4th wall & creates not a masterpiece but certainly good film #TIFF11

THE RAID brings some of the most unique violence to @mmadnesstiff in years, a sort of ONG BAK meets OLD BOY. Great, crazy, head kickin’ fun

RESTLESS is a beautiful, moving but never maudlin look at young love and death. soundtrack excellent, it’s a lovely little piece #TIFF11

For those suspicious that opening #TIFF11 with a #U2 doc was a sell out, be assure that FROM THR SKY DOWN is deserving of honour

Clooney’s political thriller w all-start cast IDES OF MARCH is another wonderful throwback film of kind supposedly not made any more #TIFF11

Kaplan/Maysles fab Macca doc THE LOVE WE MAKE is a rockin’, moving tribute to 9/11, one of the best at capturing mood of that time #TIFF11

KEYHOLE involves electric chairs, ghosts, bathtubs, naked old men fellating dusty cocks. In other words another Guy Maddin adventure #TIFF11

DC pulls decidedly unCronenberg film w/ A DANGEROUS METHOD Arc for Keira will get most notice, good & bad, but its a sure, mature work #TIFF

Just saw my first complete dud from #TIFF11 – A FUNNY MAN was excruciating. Guess the Danes CAN make shit films too. So disappointed.

MELANCHOLIA continues trad of epic, stunningly cinematic beginnings. It’s a darker LAST NIGHT, yet doesn’t stand with best from LVT #tiff